Tuesday's Tips

Tuesday’s Tips: What Are You Fighting For?

  Yes, I know it’s Wednesday and I’m just now posting “Tuesday’s Tip”.  You can blame the NHL playoffs for that! Haha 🙂 Anyways…this week I have been showcasing Thompson Baker.  You have already read about his time in Union army during the Civil War.  That brings us to today’s tip!  Always look…and read…the pension… Continue reading Tuesday’s Tips: What Are You Fighting For?

Spotlight Sunday

George Thompson Baker: Age Doesn’t Matter

This week’s “Sunday Spotlight” is George Thompson Baker, the son of Brice Baker and Mary Arthur.  Thompson Baker was born in 1809 in Knox County, Kentucky and was the youngest of seven children. Thompson married Nancy Henderson on October 31, 1829 at her father’s (John Henderson) home in Knox County.  Thompson and Nancy would have… Continue reading George Thompson Baker: Age Doesn’t Matter

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: Show Me the Money

For today’s “Throwback Thursday”, I am sharing some of the documents found when Eve Weidner attempted to get her husband’s (John Miller) Revolutionary War pension.  If you notice in the first document, it states that Eve is 100 years and 6 months old.  It seems that Eve was a go-getter late in life.  The second… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Show Me the Money

Tuesday's Tips

Tuesday’s Tips: Spelling Doesn’t Count

This week’s tip is to not get hung up on spelling.  As you’ll see when you research census records, ship manifests, and even court documents, everyone had their own way of spelling names. Take this week’s spotlight ancestor, Eve Weidner, for instance.  As I have done research on Eve, I have seen both her first… Continue reading Tuesday’s Tips: Spelling Doesn’t Count

Spotlight Sunday

Eve Weidner: Revolutionary Woman

The first “Spotlight Sunday” belongs to Eve Weidner.  She was an adventurous woman who seemed not to be afraid of anything. Eve (or Eva) Weidner was born to Ludwig (Lewis) Weidner and Barbary Boyer on January 31st, 1751 in Lincoln County, North Carolina.  While little is known about her mother, Ludwig was of German descent… Continue reading Eve Weidner: Revolutionary Woman